Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend this year and the best part was the weather. It was AMAZING!

Tony had a track meet on Friday that went pretty late so we didn't do much that night. On Saturday morning I headed over to the Motherhood outlet store in North Bend to shop for some much needed maternity clothes. I spent a couple hours over there and then drove back to Cle Elum to meet up with Tony and all the family. The entire Butorac family was there for the night including Tony's aunt, Annie, and his cousins (Annie's kids), Kristi and Mark. Tony's uncle (Annie's husband and Mark & Kristi's dad), Leon, passed away in early June last year so they came over to spend the weekend with family and visit the cemetery. We took a nice drive out to Teanaway (a favorite place for the whole Butorac family) and sat by the river enjoying some snacks and ice cold Rainier (another Butorac favorite). That night we had a huge meal out by the fire in the backyard. It was a great night spending time with family!

Sunday, Tony and I headed back to Ellensburg to pick up GE and then we were off to our friend Scotty Alexander's house in Quincy. Our good friends Zak and Hollie Hill were also meeting us in Quincy. On a side note, I have to explain the story behind the picture below. The night before Zak and Hollie's wedding, Tony, GE, Eric Davis (another good friend) and Zak all stayed in a hotel in Wenatchee. The next morning all the guys were getting ready to go out to breakfast and Zak pulls out a pair of carpenter-style jean shorts to wear. According to Tony and GE, jean shorts went out of style years ago so they started making fun of Zak and giving him a really hard time about his sense of style. Well, almost 2 years later they still crack up laughing about Zak's jean shorts. So, knowing we were in for a fun couple days with Zak, I told Tony he should cut off an old pair of jeans and show up at Scotty's house in some jean shorts. GE wanted to join in on the fun too, so I made them each a pair of shorts and they decided to take it to the extreme by adding the trashy mesh tank tops and rolling their shorts up really high. It was hysterical!

Jorts anyone?

Needless to say, everyone died laughing when we arrived in Quincy and Tony and GE showed off their great outfits. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool drinking Corona's (well I had bottled water, but it was almost the same as an ice cold Corona with lime on a hot summer day...). That night we drove to Crescent Bar and had dinner at a great pizza place and then met up with some other friends who were staying there for the weekend. It was really fun to hang out with everyone since we don't see them very often, but I struggled to make it to midnight :-) Once we got back to Scotty's house I went to bed, but the guys had a few more beers and went for a dip in the hot tub. The next day we were planning to head home fairly early, but the weather was so nice we ended up staying and spending another afternoon hanging out in the pool soaking up the sun. I was so excited to finally get a little color on my skin! I haven't been to a tanning bed since I found out I was pregnant and I hate being so white this time of year :-) Here are a few more pics from the weekend:

Enjoying the sun!

Scotty and Tony

Relaxing on the giant floaty. This thing took up almost the entire pool and all 6 of us could fit on it!

Zak and Hollie

Class, class, class...


LeAnne Den Boer said...

Your weekend sounded busy but like a ton of fun! I love that all those guys still hang out and have a great time!
I am going to be in Ellensburg for the volleyball tournament the weekend of June 20 & 21. You should come find me and hang out for a few! I would love to see the baby belly and momma to be! :)

The Davis Family said...

Awww Looks like a fun weekend - Sorry we missed it and hope you're feeling well!

The Chases said...

Love the pics. When do you find out if its a boy or girl? Are you going to share it?? Please tell me you talked Tony out of waiting! Love you!!