Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby Shower

My sister and my dad put on an amazing baby shower for baby Luca and I! My sister hosted it at her new house and everything turned out great! We had so many friends and family that came to celebrate with us. It was so great to see everyone and so nice to see some people that I haven't seen in a while. Everyone was so generous and showered us with tons of great gifts! Luca got lots of adorable sleepers, onesies and outfits - he will be very well dressed! We also got a swing, bassinett, baby bath, diapers and lots of other great toys and baby necessities. My dad, my sister and my grandma all pitched in and got us our glider/rocker for the nursery. Unfortunately, it didn't show up in time for the shower, but I can't wait for it to get here! I am sure I will spend many late nights in that chair :-)

The hostess with the mostess!

This cake was delicious - and cute! White cake, raspberry filling and buttercream frosting - my favorite!

The food was delicious too!

Flower arrangements put together by my sister and my Aunt Cindy - gorgeous!

My sister decorated with a bunch of pictures of me when I was a baby.

Erin, my cousins Katie & Haley and my Aunt Cindy. Haley & Katie are SOOOOO excited for the baby and can't wait to babysit :-)


Tara, Lindsay, Missy, me and Barb. These girls are some of my very best friends. I have known Tara and Lindsay since kindergarten and Barb is Lindsay's mom, so I pretty much grew with them.

Grandma Kathi, Aunt Stephanie, Cindy and Mary enjoying the shade on the patio.

My cousin Katy, Aunt Mary, Mary Jane and Trisha.

My Aunt Cindy and the girls got me a book that shows the "Do's" and "Dont's" of how to take care of a baby. The pictures are hillarious!

Courtney (due 2/23/10), Julie (due 10/19/09), me (due 10/21/09), Jess (due 11/17/09), Carolyn and Jax (3 months). These girls were my roommates in college and they all traveled over 2 hours to come to the shower. It was so great to see them and meant so much to have them there!

All the preggos at the shower! Me, Stephanie (due 10/25/09), Julie, Jess, Courtney and Katy (yes, she is pregnant - due 3/20/10).

The shower was so much fun and I can't thank my dad and my sister enough for all their hard work in putting this together. This baby is already loved so much by his grandpa and his auntie - and many others too :-) I also want to thank my dad for taking all these pictures! It is way too hard to take pictures at your own shower. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures with him in them though :-(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

30 Weeks!

Look at that belly!

Wow! Time seems to be flying by lately (which it usually does in the summer) and I can't believe I am already in the third trimester and 3/4 of the way through the pregnancy. I have been really terrible about keeping up on the blog, so I will use this post to catch everyone up on what has been happening in the Butorac household and with the baby - this could be a long one!

The weather has been incredibly HOT! And I really don't want to complain because I LOVE summer and love the heat - but it's definitely not as enjoyable when you are 7 months pregnant and don't have air conditioning in your house :-) We had a really long hot spell that lasted about 2 weeks at the end of July. There were several days where it was 95 degrees inside our house! I was actually wishing that the wind would blow so that air would not be so stagnant. But, then the wind actually came and it just blew the hot air around so it felt like you were standing in front of a furnace - not exactly what I was hoping for. During the hot spell I was actually glad to be working all day in my nice air conditioned office :-) We were on the verge of getting air conditioning, but then it cooled down for a week or so and we figured that we had made it through the worst part of the summer and if we could survive that, then we could probably survive a few more hot days. We just decided that we have other things we need to be saving our money for right now. We will definitely plan to put in AC next spring though with the baby around.

I went in for my 28 week appointment on August 3rd. Tony came too because we were scheduled to do a 3-D ultrasound. We were both really excited for this as we have seen 3-D pictures from other people and the detail is so cool. We were told to bring in a CD and they would download the photos onto it. Well, it turned out to be a little disappointing because the baby was not being very cooperative. He had his hands up by his face the whole time and the umbilical cord was right in front of his face as well. We actually got better shots just looking at the regular ultrasound. The Dr. said that if we reminded him he would try to get some better 3-D shots at another visit. Tony and I were both bummed because we were really hoping to see what he looks like in more detail. Oh well, I guess he wants his appearance to be a surprise :-) The week before our appointment, I had gone into my Dr.'s office for some lab work. I did the glucose screening test, had a bunch of blood work done, and got a RhoGAM shot. The glucose test wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting! All my friends have said how horrible the "orange drink" is and some of them even said it made them sick or naseous. I have also heard that if you eat something too sugary before taking this test, it can throw off the results and then you have to go in for the really long 5 hour test. So, I was really dreading doing this. I made my appointment for first thing in the morning so I could just fast and not risk skewing the results by eating the wrong thing. The drink just tasted like orange pop and I think what really helped was that my Dr. keeps the drinks refridgerated, so it was nice and cold. They let me go home and wait (which is much better than sitting in the Dr.'s office for an hour) until it was time to have my blood drawn. The results came back a few days later and everything looked good - no gestational diabetes and no anemia. Yeah! My next visit is at the end of the month and then I will start going in every two weeks. I can't believe how close we are getting to meeting our little man - we can't wait!

We have actually had a pretty laid back summer. Tony has been doing a lot of "playing" and I have been doing a lot of working - doesn't seem quite fair if you ask me! Work has been really busy and I am trying to get caught up before I go on maternity leave. I don't want to leave a huge "to do" list for the people who will be helping me out while I'm gone. It has been hard working so much though, because I am starting to get really tired again. On most days, I feel like I need nap after my lunch break. I think the heat has also played a huge part in how fatigued I am. It also makes my feet, ankles and legs swell up - which is really uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel like you could just take a pin and pop me!

Tony starts football tomorrow, which he says, means his summer is basically over. I feel very sorry for him....(can you sense the sarcasm??) So, it will be back to the daily grind around our house for a little while until baby arrives - then we will be on his schedule :-)