Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random Pics

So, I know I have been absolutely terrible about keeping up with the blog. I still have a lot of back posts to catch up on, but I thought I would at least post a bunch of random pictures from over the last couple months. I do have a little bit of an excuse for not posting pictures lately - we were unable to find the charger to our camera for almost a month and the battery was dead, so the only way we could take pictures was with our phones. Some of these pics were taken with my iPhone, so that is why they are a little larger. If you want to see more of the most current Luca pictures, those of you on Facebook can check Tony's page because he is pretty good about adding the latest pictures of our little man. Enjoy!

Alli snuggling up to Luca. A rare moment when they are both awake and happy :-)

I just love his face!

This is the face he makes when he "talks" to us.

Sporting the Jordan's and basketball shorts that he got for Christmas. He is ready to play for the "skins" team :-)

Smiling at his dad.

First time in the Bumbo seat. He was still a little wobbly so we put a bunch of pillows behind him. He is watching football with dad.

Sweet smile.

Half smile.

He is just so darn cute!

Sleeping in the Boppy.

All dressed up in his Basketball sweatsuit from GE and his new Jordan's. It also looks like he is flashing gang signs :-)

I just love him!

Smiley man!

Trying on his new baseball cap. It's still a little big!

All clean after a nice bath.

Nice in warm in his fleece football outfit and sporting a faux-hawk.

Wide awake!

Sleeping in his swing with one eye open. He doesn't want to miss anything :-)


Shane & Courtney Stacy said...

Thanks so much for the picture update. Love them. I think he looks so much like Tony. I hope to get to meet him in person soon!

Mary Jane said...

He just gets cuter every day. Thanks for the update!

Caleb and Anna Fields said...

that kiddo is darling! It is so fun to see him just out of that newborn is almost like you can really start to tell what he is going to look like when he gets older. I too am so sorry we didn't get to introduce the boys at Christmas. I will be back with Josiah this summer for a week while Caleb is out of town so if not before we can meet up then. However, we may be the only place in the country right now with good weather, so feel free to come for a visit while it is still winter there. You are so welcome!

Pemberton Family said...

Oh he is cute. Thanks for updating. Can't wait to finally meet him and snuggle him next weekend. Looking forward to it. How is work going?