Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting Ready for Baby...

We spent a good portion of Labor Day Weekend working on the nursery and putting together some of baby Luca's new things. Tony actually did most of the "putting together" and I did a lot of "supervising" :-)

Tony hard at work putting the swing together.

This swing looks so soft and cozy! I told Tony that I wanted some fleece footed sleepers and a swing like this in my size so I could just lounge, nap and rock all day long. Ahhhh, the life of a baby!

Don't mess with a man and his power tools! (Notice that Tony is wearing my volleyball knee pads :-) He put the crib together the day before and his knees were raw from the carpet so I told him he should wear knee pads.)

Here is the finished changing table/dresser. The lighting is bad, but it really is all one color (the color of the cupboard door.)

Making sure the line is perfectly straight - he knows just how to make his perfectionist wife happy :-)

More taping so that we can paint the stripes.

The painted stripes and the crib completely assembled - Yay!

Tony and I actually did the taping for the stripes several weeks ago. We had the paint colors all picked out, but just hadn't purchased them or had a chance to paint. One afternoon when I was home for lunch, Tony's parents stopped by our house on their way back from a trip to Idaho. I went back to work and figured that Tony and his parents would just visit for a while. When I came home from work that night, I was surprised to see all of our painting supplies out in the garage. I was a little nervous since I am a total control freak and wasn't quite sure what Tony had done while I was gone. Turns out his parents had bought the paint and painted the nursery for us! Actually, I think Kathi did most of the painting with a little help from Tony. I think Mike tried to help, but his attention to detail was not quite up to par :-) It was a great surprise and so nice to not have to do it myself!

We still need to get a few more items before we are totally ready for Luca's arrival - but we are much closer than we were a couple weeks ago! I am having so much fun decorating his room and getting everything ready. I am thinking that he will sleep in a bassinet in our room for a little while and then hopefully he will move to his own room and enjoy sleeping there. We are getting so excited to meet our little baby boy!


Mary Jane said...

I love the stripes. And what a gift to come home and find them all done. We can't wait to meet Luca, too.

KLBrooks916 said...

It looks so good Randi! I think you have the same crib as me, and swing. Quinten loved to take naps in his swing- and on the bassinet, yes don't have them sleep with you, you will thank me later! I kept Quinten in the bassinet in my bedroom until about 5/6 months because I was nutty about SIDS-but you will be about everything no matter what people tell you. :-) He got a little too big so we moved him and I just did a sleep positioner until he started rolling over at 6 months since he was crawling-and he still barely sleeps on his back to this day. I'm so excited for you!

LeAnne Den Boer said...

Those stripes are PERFECT! What type of tape did they use?