Monday, October 12, 2009

38 Weeks!

Ready to pop!

I had my weekly Dr. checkup today. I have always hated going to the Dr. for my annual pap smear/physical. I am very modest and just always feel so uncomfortable during those kinds of appointments. However, it is amazing how much that changes when you are having a baby. I still can't say that I "enjoy" being checked by the Dr., but I have been excited all week to find out if my body is making any more progress towards having this baby. That being said, I was a little disappointed when the Dr. DIDN'T check me today! Almost all of their rooms were full so the nurse took me to one of the regular exam rooms (not one that is set up for pregnant women). She took my blood pressure, etc. and then told me to hold off on getting undressed because she would probably move me to a different room once one became available. Well, the midwife came in my room before another one cleared out so we just ended up chatting a little bit more about what to expect these last couple weeks and when to come to the hospital, etc.

One thing I have been concerned about is that fact that I have not been feeling any braxton hicks contractions. Some of you may think this is a good thing (which it probably is), but it just makes me nervous that I am not making any progress towards labor. Plus, I want to at least experience some contractions (even if they aren't as painful as the ones I will have in labor) so I can better prepare myself for what to expect and how a contraction feels. Most of my fear and anxiety about labor revolves around the fact that I have no idea what to expect or anything to compare it to. The midwife explained that it is very normal for a first-time pregnant woman to NOT be feeling contractions at this point. She said that my uterus has never been stretched out like this before and my body is doing lots of different things to prepare itself for labor so not to worry.

She said baby's heartbeat is very strong and we are both very healthy. She also said that now it is pretty much a waiting game. I couldn't agree more!


Caleb and Anna Fields said...

trust me, your contractions will come soon enough! You are beautiful, Randy! can't wait to hear all about Luca's arrival!

Pemberton Family said...

No worries randi. I basically never had any contractions that I knew of with Colt and didn't feel anything until they actually induced me and my labor progressed fine. First baby's always take longer. I know this last part is the worst, it feels like you are going to be pregnant forever but once he gets here time will fly! You look great for being almost 40 weeks preggo!! My only request is that you post a detailed birth story after you have him, I love to read those....oh and of course a million pics! You should just get a facebook page that is a simple way to post a lot of pics:) Good luck I will be praying.

Mary Jane said...

You do look adorable, Randi. I can hardly wait for Luca to make an appearance, too.

LeAnne Den Boer said...

Good luck! I am so excited for you! I will keep you and the baby in my prayers!