Friday, October 30, 2009

40 Weeks, 3 days - Dr. Appt

Just thought I would give everyone a quick update. I saw my Dr. this afternoon and she checked my cervix. I am still 50% effaced but have now dilated to 2 cm (last time she checked me, I wasn't dilating yet). She also stripped my membranes in hopes that might get things started. So far I just feel really crampy, but still no contractions. I have another appointment on Monday morning. If we still don't have a baby at that time, they will induce me on Tuesday. I would REALLY like for Luca to start the process on his own, but at this point I am so huge and uncomfortable that I just want him to be here - even if it means I have to be induced. So, it looks like we will either have a Halloween baby or a November baby :-)

Yesterday was my last day of work, so I spent today running errands and doing some more cleaning/nesting around the house. It seems like the cleaning projects are never ending, and since Luca is taking his time getting here, I just keep finding more and more things that need to be done. I bought a bunch of Halloween candy at the grocery store today hoping that we won't be here tomorrow night to hand it out. Of course the problem with that, is that if we can't hand out the candy tomorrow because we are at the hospital, then I will have 250 pieces of candy sitting around the house when I come home - and I always buy the kind of candy that I like to eat :-)

So the waiting game least for a few more days. It is nice to know that regardless of what happens this weekend though, we will be holding our little baby by next Tuesday (or Wednesday at the latest)! We can't wait to meet you Luca!


Pemberton Family said...

You could always eat the candy tonight!! Praying for you. Thanks for keeping us posted!

The Price Family said...

Hopefully you got to eat some of your candy as you are anxiously awaiting Luca to arrive! I keep stalking your blog, Tony's facebook, and looking at my cell phone for any message of something happening! Can't wait! It looks like you are having a November baby after all. At this rate your baby is going to be 9lbs!!! :) Good luck with that one :)