Friday, November 6, 2009

Dr. Appointment - Weight Check

We took Luca in this morning to have his weight checked and to see if he has gained any weight since yesterday. Today we saw one of the pediatricians, Dr. Penny. When we weighed Luca, he had actually LOST another 1/2 oz overnight! I couldn't believe it - I was so upset! I had fed him every 2 hours but had not had much success with getting him to take the formula from a bottle (which I was secretly happy about because I did not want him to like the bottle). I told the Dr. that he had only taken about 4 0z of formula total in the last 24 hours and he spit most of that back up it seemed like. He did have a wet and poopy diaper right before his appointment, so she said that the 1/2 oz was probably somewhere in that diaper :-)

We also discussed the fact that I wasn't sure whether or not my milk was in. I told her that my breasts definitely felt and appeared much larger, but I didn't feel engorged, I wasn't experiencing any leaking or any other telltale signs that my milk was coming in. Based on conversations that I had with several of my friends, I was expecting it to be really obvious when my milk came in (even a little uncomfortable or painful), but I hadn't noticed anything. Dr. Penny said that I might just be lucky and didn't seem to concerned - she said if it hadn't come in already, it would be coming in within the next day or so. She told me to continue feeding him every 2 hours throughout the weekend and supplement with the formula (as much as he would take) and then told us to come back on Monday for another weight check.

As we left the office, I still felt frustrated and upset, but this visit was much better than yesterday's. I'll update on Monday after Luca's appointment and hopefully he will have gained some weight!

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