Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Meeting Cousin Alli

Today we were discharged from the hospital around 9:30 AM. Tony has his last football game this Friday, so he thought he should go up to Cle Elum for practice this afternoon. Since I didn't really want to hang out at the house all by myself, I decided to go up to Cle Elum with him and hang out with Mikey, Steph and Alli while Tony was at practice. This was the first time Luca and Alli got to meet each other. (Mikey and Steph came down to the hospital the night Luca was born, but because of the whole Swine Flu thing, the new hospital policy is that no children under the age of 18 are allowed in the birthing center unless they are a sibling of the baby.) I don't think they were really aware of each other at all, but it was still fun to get pictures of them together - the first of many to come I'm sure!

The new mommy's and their babies.

The new daddy's and their babies.

Cousins! Alli is 4 days older than Luca, but she is much more petite!

Sweet baby!

Isn't he precious?!

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Pemberton Family said...

He is so cute! You are right Alli is much more petite but better to have a petite girl than a petite boy:) Miss you!